Division of Vibroacoustics and Diagnostics of Systems

Head of the division
Maciej TABASZEWSKI, D.Sc. Eng.

ul. Jana Pawła II 24
60-965 Poznań
tel. +48 61 665 2390
WWW: http://zwibs.put.poznan.pl


Areas of academic research

  • Experimental studies, modelling and simulation of the vibroacoustic field in antropho-technical systems and the environment
  • Diagnosing, localization, modelling and optimization of the usage of energy permeating all systems in the environment
  • Vibroacoustics of machines and systems
  • Multi-symptom vibroacoustic diagnostics of systems
  • Machine dynamics, structural distribution of power and energy flow in mechanical and biomechanical systems, and its optimization
  • Protection of human and environment against noise and vibration, investigation of local and general vibrations as well as noise in workplaces and the environment
  • Minimization of vibrations of machines, devices and systems
  • Diagnostics-oriented methods for analysis of signals and vibroacoustic symptoms

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