Division of Strength of Materials and Structures

Head of the division
Piotr PACZOS, D.Sc. Eng., Univ. Prof.

ul. Jana Pawła II 24
60-965 Poznań
tel. +48 61 665 2325
WWW: http://sms.am.put.poznan.pl


Areas of academic research

  • Application of modern analytical, numerical and experimental research methods in the field of strength and stability of materials as well as strength, stability and optimization of structures
  • Advanced numerical studies with the application of, among others, the finite element method, with the use of the SolidWorks and ANSYS systems
  • Materials testing as well as static and dynamic testing of structures or their parts
  • Theoretical and experimental studies in strength and stability of thin-walled beams, shells and multi-layered structures
  • Research on strength and stability of multi-layered plates with corrugated cores

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