Cooperation offer

Division of Technical Mechanics


  • Engineering and scientific computing in the research areas of the division
  • Non-invasive investigation of the activity of selected muscle groups (EMG NORAXON)
  • Biomechanical measurement by means of the AMTI BP400600 dynamometric platforms (among others: analysis of walking, running, jumping, etc.)
  • Investigation of kinematic parameters of arbitrary movements (the BTS SMART-DX system); simultaneous, synchronized measurement of position, forces and moments using dynamometric platforms and EMG sensors

Division of Strength of Materials and Structures


  • Application of modern analytical, numerical and experimental research methods in the field of strength and stability of materials as well as strength, stability and optimization of structures
  • Advanced numerical studies with the application of, among others, the finite element method, with the use of the SolidWorks and ANSYS systems
  • Materials testing as well as static and fatigue testing of structures or their parts
  • Theoretical and experimental studies in strength and stability of thin-walled beams, shells and multi-layered structures
  • Tensometric analysis of structures

Division of Vibroacoustics and Diagnostics of Systems

  • Vibration and acoustic measurement and analysis in workplaces in industrial plants
  • Diagnostic investigation of machines and devices aimed at the determination of noise and vibration sources
  • Developing systems for noise and vibration reduction in plants and the environment for specific machines and devices
  • Developing diagnostic, failure-oriented systems for industrial machinery and devices as well as production processes
  • Energy optimization of machine/device construction at the design stage to aid engineers in decision-making
  • Developing a new generation of vibrationally and energetically ergonomic mechanized hand tools with various driving systems: pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and with combustion engines
  • Production implementation of vibrationally and energetically safe and ergonomic pneumatic hammers to mechanize tasks in factories, housing, industrial and transportation building industry
  • Research & development projects aimed at the implementation of the results of finalized research, and cooperation in creating visualizers to confirm the correctness of methods and design solutions for innovative mechanized hand tools
  • Developing expertise in vibration and acoustics, related to new implementation projects prepared for the application for European funding support